If you are looking for the best holiday escape, then Palermo city in Sicily is one of the places to go for. Rich in history and other recreational activities, this beautiful city provides the ultimate holiday package that best suits you and your family. The people of Palermo are friendly and glad to have more visitors go learn about their rich culture. Rent a car in Sicily and enjoy all the activities, listed below.

While in Palermo, there are hundreds of things to do but here are some of the things that you must;



While it might not be your favorite game, you could enjoy swinging a few strokes for fan or better yet, spectate on other players. Golf in Palermo attracts hundreds of visitors who watch and even participate. There are several golf courses in and near Palermo that can work for you depending on what golfing activity you want to take part in.



This is just another way of making sure that your visit to Palermo remains exciting and memorable. There are several horse riding tours in Palermo and each has a special package that best suits you including short, day rides and long rides that can go for more than a day. Remember to take photographs when enjoying your horse ride in Sicily because the historic sites are simply breath taking and the moment is worth saving at any cost.


Another way of having a great time when visiting Palermo is going for a sail tour in the beautiful Mediterranean sea. One reason why you need to try out this activity is that you will have a great chance to learn about the sea and have a taste of the delicious sea foods there are. You can easily rent a yacht and begin to explore the sea or go for a cruise depending on what you prefer.




If you think that you have the guts to take a dive in the Mediterranean sea then Sicily is the best place to do this. You can take advantage of the several diving trips that are offered by expert scuba divers and get to learn about what lays beneath the endless waters.

Windsurfing in Varna


This is just one of those activities you would like to participate in while vising Palermo. You could always catch the waves on the popular beaches that offer more than 900 Km of coast. There are world wide wind surfing tournaments that are organized annually hence wind surfing in Palermo is more than an activity for tourists but a culture that attracts wind surfing fans from around the world.

When visiting Palermo, you will definitely need an easy way to get around and take part in the numerous touring exercises. You however need not to panic about movement thanks to Palermo car rental services that are ready available and affordable. Palermo under 21 car rental services are also available for young drivers who would like to explore the beauty of Sicily. Note that there are so many car rental service providers in Palermo and it is close to impossible to find one that best fits your budget.