6 Best Things To See In Palermo

Palermo is arguably the hub of the royal European history. Sitting at the bottom of Italy, the landscape forms a huge crust of the Mediterranean Sea. Once more, peace and calm define this 5th largest Italian city due to the countless number of economic activities. Tourism is one of the thriving activities here. And a good way to begin your escapade in this grandiose city is by hiring a car from Rental 24h.

1.Mondello Beach

Calm waters tour above the solid, lean sand. As the rays seep through the skies, the buzzing nature of Palermo North is shown right through the sun.

Crowds flock the beach to sunbathe in the Mediterranean beauty. Art squeezes through to bring the Nouveau pier building close to the eyes. This arty piece is centrally placed on the beach. In it, is a bar and restaurant which offer delicious servings of cultural food.

2. Royal Palaces

Old royal places symbolize kingship. With the excess beauty, stones exude undeniably beautiful arches. Hunting Mosaics dating to thousands of years are hidden in this palace. Walls are also decorated with exquisite gold walls and ceilings.

This is due to the moving rich history from Normans then Spaniards. The cultural ration can only be felt on this spot. You can tour the Zisa Palace and the Gangi monuments.

3. Palermo Archaeological Museum

Museums preserve dense history. Greek ceramic Artifacts line the aisles. Exhibits are arranged depending on their significance. Notable, items include the Phoenician statues, the water artifacts and the majestic Roman architectural designs.

Vast stone collections dictate the famous Egyptian rules. Double dates can be finished in the adjacent pleasant, exotic fountains and gardens.

4. Capuchin Abbey and Catacombs

Catacombs are marble attractions in Europe. Here, the cool undergrounds harbor macabre variety burials.

Preserved bodies of Capuchin monks have been safely kept in their birth garments. Memorable bizarre scenes have thousands of embalmed and dehydrated bodies.

Memories have been kept by amazing chains hanging off the wall. Here’s your rare chance to witness compositions of women, children and strong men. They are divided into unforgettable sections.

5. Monte Pellegrino

Touring above the Sicily hills, the natural trees silently whistle over the snowy mountain. Easily accessible paths provide solace for those who wish to have a vacation. Hire reliable car services and experience this adventure-filled scene. Fantastic views may result in indulgence in hiking.

6. Ustica Island

Rocky landscapes cape this island. Day trips involve exposure to the gorgeous Tyrrhenian Sea. Charm controls this island filled with historical excavations.

Volcanic geology moves in piles over this 5 kilometres stretch. Given that the area is sparsely populated, it provides a clear view of the Santa Maria tower.


Palermo areas are adorned with crystal beauty. History unfolds beneath this majestic landscape and for better views of its breathtaking scenery, you can never go wrong with Rental 24h.