Ultimate Europe Trip Guide

When I think about Europe, there is so much that comes into my mind. Those beautiful, beautiful countries, with so much history which is still alive in every building, every corner, every piece of stone that you step. France, and England, Switzerland, Spain, or Germany and the list can go on and on, with not a chance to stop.

I always dreamed to do a road trip in Europe, it will cost a little, but it is completely worth. I did it, I designed a plan, which included renting a car in one of those 24-hour rentals, calculate how much diesel you may need and a list of places you can visit with as much money that you got.

Here is my ultimate Europe Trip Guide:

1. Documents

First thing that you should do is to make sure that all your documents are in order and nothing is missing. Also keep in mind to read about traveling inside Europe policies, because depending form where you are, not all the countries can go in, without a visa.

If you don’t have a passport, apply for it as soon a possible because it will take a couple of weeks to get out.

When renting a car, make sure your driver license is valid, and also if can be used outside of your boarder, because you will need an international driving permit.

2.Time for the budget

Make sure to have a plan. Before designing your plan, know what is the amount of money you are willing to spend on this trip. Depending on your plan, your budget needs to be established as early as possible, since you can get better prices if you book early.


Since you have the budget, the documents and a plan, it is time for a destination. Do you want to try pizza in Italy, rooftop parties in Prague or some Spanish tapas? Think of what you always wanted to see, eat or drink. Try what you were looking for. I am sure that many of you have many places which they want to visit in Europe, but your budget can limit you a bit, so think carefully what you are more important to you to experience.

Plus, you can check for tourism events, so this could change your mind, maybe your favorite band can be in one of the cities so your plans may change.


When traveling, in order to save money, and watch as much as you possibly can, you have to make an itinerary. Before you book anything, check out different offers and different places to see, maybe you will find things which will change your mind and will want to absolutely see them.


Lastly, do not forget your travel insurance. Since I was traveling with a car, I had an insurance for the car and one for myself. Still there are many types of it depending on your way of traveling. If you rent a car, the 24-hour company of rental can help you out with the insurance of the car.

Do not let your chances pass by, plan it, save some money, plan a budget and make your trip true. These cities will amaze you and also change your perceptions forever. You will try food and taste you never believed you could and also sing and dance to songs and languages you never hear or you don’t even understand.

Interesting Sports you can find in Europe

Sport enthusiasts always find their way to enjoy their
hobbies in attractive destinations. Adventure sporting has evolved a lot in the
last decade starting from water sports like kayaking to canoeing, to snow
sports like Ski sporting, paragliding etc. The interests in adventure sports
has been increasing a lot in these recent years.

There are several sports which being popular in the whole
Europe. Depending on the places, Europe provides a wide range of exotic sports for
the enthusiasts. However the majority and minority of the enthusiasts will
always remain in every part of the world.

Here are some of the famous sports played in the Europe:

Association of Football

Nowadays almost all of the countries in Europe has been associated with it. So as one can conclude football is the most popular sport in Europe. The National teams of Europe has won 12 FIFA titles. The famous UEFA (Union of European Football
Association) was created by the European countries and started playing in
top leagues from 1960. It is held every 4 years with lot of excitement and importance.
Another top league major is The English Premier League, having 20 teams to compete in, made it first debut in 1992. Since then, it has been in the top with most of
the costliest players around the world. It has featured 47 English clubs and 2
Welsh clubs since it came into the operation.


Rugby is a very known and famous in Europe.
In England, Southern France, Germany, Ireland, Russia, Wales and Scotland it is played for years. Basicly? the national teams of the listed countries complete the famous Six
Nations Championship. Beginning from 1883 it is the first international rugby union
tournament. England tops this list with 28 titles and Wales follow
the 2nd position with 26 titles.


Cricket has been originated from the British Empire. It has
been the popular sport in the United Kingdom. England and Ireland are the only
two countries who are having international accreditations for playing
International Cricket. The “Ashes” is a
famous Test Series in Cricket history and is being played between England and
Australia only. England has never won a Cricket World Cup till now, except the
ICC World T20 in 2010.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey has been one of the most popular sports in the
Europe continents. Countries like Slovakia, Finland, Russia, Norway etc. has
been the most popular destinations amongst the sport enthusiasts. European
teams has really done well in the Ice Hockey World Championship. Russia has
claimed 27 titles, Czech Republic has scored 12 and Sweden has scored 9 titles.

Other Sports to look for:


The famous EuroBasket, started in
1935 has been always in the News. Russian and Yugoslavian teams has won most of
the titles.


IAAF Continental Cup


IHF World Men’s Handball Championship,
has been mostly dominated by European teams. The EHF Champions League also
attracts world renowned players as it involves the leading teams from European

If you think, majority of the sport enthusiasts love
Football, Rugby, Cricket, Ice Hockey, Basketball etc. However there are also
several enthusiasts who has been craving for the sports like Volleyball, Ski,
water polo, paragliding, futsal etc. The majority mostly depends on the primary
sport of the Continent or Country. However the minorities depends on the
remaining exotic places to roam in those areas.

Europe has given lot of sports to play for the Sport Enthusiasts. It consists of several countries where primary sports are very different from each other and a variety of individuals can enjoy their hobbies.


6 Best Things To See In Palermo

Palermo is arguably the hub of the royal European history. Sitting at the bottom of Italy, the landscape forms a huge crust of the Mediterranean Sea. Once more, peace and calm define this 5th largest Italian city due to the countless number of economic activities. Tourism is one of the thriving activities here. And a good way to begin your escapade in this grandiose city is by hiring a car from Rental 24h.

1.Mondello Beach

Calm waters tour above the solid, lean sand. As the rays seep through the skies, the buzzing nature of Palermo North is shown right through the sun.

Crowds flock the beach to sunbathe in the Mediterranean beauty. Art squeezes through to bring the Nouveau pier building close to the eyes. This arty piece is centrally placed on the beach. In it, is a bar and restaurant which offer delicious servings of cultural food.

2. Royal Palaces

Old royal places symbolize kingship. With the excess beauty, stones exude undeniably beautiful arches. Hunting Mosaics dating to thousands of years are hidden in this palace. Walls are also decorated with exquisite gold walls and ceilings.

This is due to the moving rich history from Normans then Spaniards. The cultural ration can only be felt on this spot. You can tour the Zisa Palace and the Gangi monuments.

3. Palermo Archaeological Museum

Museums preserve dense history. Greek ceramic Artifacts line the aisles. Exhibits are arranged depending on their significance. Notable, items include the Phoenician statues, the water artifacts and the majestic Roman architectural designs.

Vast stone collections dictate the famous Egyptian rules. Double dates can be finished in the adjacent pleasant, exotic fountains and gardens.

4. Capuchin Abbey and Catacombs

Catacombs are marble attractions in Europe. Here, the cool undergrounds harbor macabre variety burials.

Preserved bodies of Capuchin monks have been safely kept in their birth garments. Memorable bizarre scenes have thousands of embalmed and dehydrated bodies.

Memories have been kept by amazing chains hanging off the wall. Here’s your rare chance to witness compositions of women, children and strong men. They are divided into unforgettable sections.

5. Monte Pellegrino

Touring above the Sicily hills, the natural trees silently whistle over the snowy mountain. Easily accessible paths provide solace for those who wish to have a vacation. Hire reliable car services and experience this adventure-filled scene. Fantastic views may result in indulgence in hiking.

6. Ustica Island

Rocky landscapes cape this island. Day trips involve exposure to the gorgeous Tyrrhenian Sea. Charm controls this island filled with historical excavations.

Volcanic geology moves in piles over this 5 kilometres stretch. Given that the area is sparsely populated, it provides a clear view of the Santa Maria tower.


Palermo areas are adorned with crystal beauty. History unfolds beneath this majestic landscape and for better views of its breathtaking scenery, you can never go wrong with Rental 24h.

Marbella – A Pearl of Spain

After renting a POS four-banger that reeked of puke and over-zealous cleaning fluid, we attempted to drive to the Castillo de Monda on an empty Christmas night. We got lost about a block from the Europcar location (still in the airport), which would typify our driving experiences for the rest of the trip.

After considerable directional debate we continued through the beach towns of Torremolinos, Benalmádena Costa, Fuengirola and Cabopino along the Costa del Sol until we hit Marbella. We turned east from the coastline and drove approximately fifteen minutes into the mountains to the tiny town of Monda. Monda is a mini-gem; it maintains the authenticity of an old village with the modernity required of a new millennium.

The streets are narrow, cobbled and lined with Disney-like orange trees vibrant with fruit. The doorways were flush with the sidewalk and often carried traces of past cultures: horseshoe arches with mosaic tiles and hidden courtyards.
We could see the castle at the top of the hill, but we couldn’t manage to figure out which road would get us there. The streets were so narrow and labyrinthine that it was difficult to navigate, let alone find turns that we missed previously. Eventually we got up the hill and were pleased with our perseverance. We pulled into the stone-arched entryway of the Castillo de Monda, which provided foreshadowing of the immense castle to follow.

Castle Interior

The castle was recently converted to a hotel and was run by a bunch of Brits. The views from the castle were incredible: the far-reaching countryside and the town nestled in a valley. We truly felt like we were in a time warp – no cell phones, no crowds, no cars.

When we got to our rooms, we were equally surprised. Spacious, private, decorated in an Arabic theme and affording great views, we couldn’t believe our luck. But the real treat was the bathroom. It was equipped with an extra-long, extra-wide tub armed with spa jets and water pressure to knock the Peloponnesians on their ass. The tub’s faucet was adorned with a tiger’s mouth and this thing would literally project water into the tub like a fireman’s hose. Our bathroom window was covered with ivy, which gave it a more intimate feel. The bidet was also an added bonus for adventurous Americans.

We freshened up and decided to explore food options since it was Christmas night and we had not enjoyed a full meal yet. The fifth floor of the castle housed a bar (filled with Brits, Aussies, Germans), a library, a pool decorated with two tile flags, and a full-service restaurant. We decided to enjoy a respectable meal in the restaurant. Live entertainment was provided by Dorothy Day from Britain singing Jesus Christ Superstar, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and Islands in the Stream with her trusty synthesizer. Since we were the only ones in the restaurant besides some of her friends we felt obligated to request some sappy favorites (we couldn’t come up with any). The food was ok…we were happy just to get something down besides airplane fare. We ate. We drank. We Slept.

The next day, the staff, smirking uncontrollably, asked us how everything was. Did we need anything? Have a great day. Hoo hah. We still had two nights to go!

Marbella, Costa del Sol

We hopped back in the stinky SEAT and headed halfway down the hill to a picturesque turnout that overlooked the village of Ojén. I yakked in the embankment while everyone else took pictures. Back down in Marbella, we ate on the patio at a restaurant a couple blocks from the main drag.

Jake and Christopher gobbled up some fishy-smelling, albeit tasty paella, while Suzie opted for spaghetti and I was happy with my bottle of water. After lunch we wandered around some of the boutiques and then headed down to the water. We enjoyed Marbella’s park with marble sidewalks and the sculptures that led down to the beach. Along the beach we stopped in at one of the many cafes for refreshments before wandering up and down the strip filled European tourists, Spaniards out for a Sunday stroll, and sunbathers soaking up the pleasant warmth in the middle of winter.

We could see how Marbella appealed to the masses trying to get away from the French Riviera – it seemed a bit more reasonable, less pretentious and filled with large resorts ready to accommodate a gaggle of people. The beaches were decent, not exactly white sand and exotic, but better than some resort towns I’ve been to in Mexico and the United States.

We stayed until the sun went down and then drove back up the hill to our hideaway. We figured it was time to dig into some tapas and see what all the hype was about. Walking into downtown Monda was convenient (no car trauma) and we stumbled upon a restaurant/bar that was extremely authentic. We were definitely the strangers in the bunch – everyone in there was part of their small community. We got lots of odd looks and one woman at the bar kept staring at my blond hair and American features.

Final Thoughts

Although it was nerve-wracking ordering without a menu and I felt like an idiot because the Spaniards speak so fast and everyone was staring at us, we finally got through it. We ended up savoring extremely fresh calamari, green beans with ham, smoked fish, excellent olives, chicken skewers, and queso duro. In retrospect, it was the most authentic and flavorful meal we enjoyed during the whole trip.

Sport Activities to Try in Sicily

If you are looking for the best holiday escape, then Palermo city in Sicily is one of the places to go for. Rich in history and other recreational activities, this beautiful city provides the ultimate holiday package that best suits you and your family. The people of Palermo are friendly and glad to have more visitors go learn about their rich culture. Rent a car in Sicily and enjoy all the activities, listed below.

While in Palermo, there are hundreds of things to do but here are some of the things that you must;



While it might not be your favorite game, you could enjoy swinging a few strokes for fan or better yet, spectate on other players. Golf in Palermo attracts hundreds of visitors who watch and even participate. There are several golf courses in and near Palermo that can work for you depending on what golfing activity you want to take part in.



This is just another way of making sure that your visit to Palermo remains exciting and memorable. There are several horse riding tours in Palermo and each has a special package that best suits you including short, day rides and long rides that can go for more than a day. Remember to take photographs when enjoying your horse ride in Sicily because the historic sites are simply breath taking and the moment is worth saving at any cost.


Another way of having a great time when visiting Palermo is going for a sail tour in the beautiful Mediterranean sea. One reason why you need to try out this activity is that you will have a great chance to learn about the sea and have a taste of the delicious sea foods there are. You can easily rent a yacht and begin to explore the sea or go for a cruise depending on what you prefer.




If you think that you have the guts to take a dive in the Mediterranean sea then Sicily is the best place to do this. You can take advantage of the several diving trips that are offered by expert scuba divers and get to learn about what lays beneath the endless waters.

Windsurfing in Varna


This is just one of those activities you would like to participate in while vising Palermo. You could always catch the waves on the popular beaches that offer more than 900 Km of coast. There are world wide wind surfing tournaments that are organized annually hence wind surfing in Palermo is more than an activity for tourists but a culture that attracts wind surfing fans from around the world.

When visiting Palermo, you will definitely need an easy way to get around and take part in the numerous touring exercises. You however need not to panic about movement thanks to Palermo car rental services that are ready available and affordable. Palermo under 21 car rental services are also available for young drivers who would like to explore the beauty of Sicily. Note that there are so many car rental service providers in Palermo and it is close to impossible to find one that best fits your budget.