Interesting Sports you can find in Europe

Sport enthusiasts always find their way to enjoy their
hobbies in attractive destinations. Adventure sporting has evolved a lot in the
last decade starting from water sports like kayaking to canoeing, to snow
sports like Ski sporting, paragliding etc. The interests in adventure sports
has been increasing a lot in these recent years.

There are several sports which being popular in the whole
Europe. Depending on the places, Europe provides a wide range of exotic sports for
the enthusiasts. However the majority and minority of the enthusiasts will
always remain in every part of the world.

Here are some of the famous sports played in the Europe:

Association of Football

Nowadays almost all of the countries in Europe has been associated with it. So as one can conclude football is the most popular sport in Europe. The National teams of Europe has won 12 FIFA titles. The famous UEFA (Union of European Football
Association) was created by the European countries and started playing in
top leagues from 1960. It is held every 4 years with lot of excitement and importance.
Another top league major is The English Premier League, having 20 teams to compete in, made it first debut in 1992. Since then, it has been in the top with most of
the costliest players around the world. It has featured 47 English clubs and 2
Welsh clubs since it came into the operation.


Rugby is a very known and famous in Europe.
In England, Southern France, Germany, Ireland, Russia, Wales and Scotland it is played for years. Basicly? the national teams of the listed countries complete the famous Six
Nations Championship. Beginning from 1883 it is the first international rugby union
tournament. England tops this list with 28 titles and Wales follow
the 2nd position with 26 titles.


Cricket has been originated from the British Empire. It has
been the popular sport in the United Kingdom. England and Ireland are the only
two countries who are having international accreditations for playing
International Cricket. The “Ashes” is a
famous Test Series in Cricket history and is being played between England and
Australia only. England has never won a Cricket World Cup till now, except the
ICC World T20 in 2010.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey has been one of the most popular sports in the
Europe continents. Countries like Slovakia, Finland, Russia, Norway etc. has
been the most popular destinations amongst the sport enthusiasts. European
teams has really done well in the Ice Hockey World Championship. Russia has
claimed 27 titles, Czech Republic has scored 12 and Sweden has scored 9 titles.

Other Sports to look for:


The famous EuroBasket, started in
1935 has been always in the News. Russian and Yugoslavian teams has won most of
the titles.


IAAF Continental Cup


IHF World Men’s Handball Championship,
has been mostly dominated by European teams. The EHF Champions League also
attracts world renowned players as it involves the leading teams from European

If you think, majority of the sport enthusiasts love
Football, Rugby, Cricket, Ice Hockey, Basketball etc. However there are also
several enthusiasts who has been craving for the sports like Volleyball, Ski,
water polo, paragliding, futsal etc. The majority mostly depends on the primary
sport of the Continent or Country. However the minorities depends on the
remaining exotic places to roam in those areas.

Europe has given lot of sports to play for the Sport Enthusiasts. It consists of several countries where primary sports are very different from each other and a variety of individuals can enjoy their hobbies.