Marbella – A Pearl of Spain

Anthony Fields | June 20, 2018

After renting a POS four-banger that reeked of puke and over-zealous cleaning fluid, we attempted to drive to the Castillo de Monda on an empty Christmas night. We got lost about a block from the Europcar location (still in the airport), which would typify our driving experiences for the rest of the trip.

After considerable directional debate we continued through the beach towns of Torremolinos, Benalm√°dena Costa, Fuengirola and Cabopino along the Costa del Sol until we hit Marbella. We turned east from the coastline and drove approximately fifteen minutes into the mountains to the tiny town of Monda. Monda is a mini-gem; it maintains the authenticity of an old village with the modernity required of a new millennium.

The streets are narrow, cobbled and lined with Disney-like orange trees vibrant with fruit. The …

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Sport Activities to Try in Sicily

Anthony Fields | May 2, 2018

If you are looking for the best holiday escape, then Palermo city in Sicily is one of the places to go for. Rich in history and other recreational activities, this beautiful city provides the ultimate holiday package that best suits you and your family. The people of Palermo are friendly and glad to have more visitors go learn about their rich culture. Rent a car in Sicily and enjoy all the activities, listed below.

While in Palermo, there are hundreds of things to do but here are some of the things that you must;


While it might not be your favorite game, you could enjoy swinging a few strokes for fan or better yet, spectate on other players. Golf in Palermo attracts hundreds of visitors who watch and even participate. There are several …

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